Viva México!

September 16th is similar to July Fourth in the United States, and usually features rodeos, parades, bullfights, dances and grand feasts. But September 15th or the eve of Independence Day is when the celebration really begins, as crowds gather in every village and town throughout Mexico and some of the most important cities around the world where Mexican Citizens live. Towns are decorated with red, white and green flags, colorful flowers, and music of Mariachi fills the air.

As the clock begins to strike eleven, silence falls over the citizens as mayors across the land step forward to ring the symbolic liberty bell and give the “Grito de Dolores”, meet with the crowds’ response of “Viva Mexico”.

In Palace Resorts is no different.

Children! Families! Join us to celebrate the Mexican Independence with special activities on each Palace Resort’s properties, all specially for you.

Activities start at 7:00 PM. To see the programs click on each Resort.

Patio Aventura Spa Palace

Patio Aventura Spa Palace





Tequila & Mexican dinner

Palace Resorts, All incredible, All inclusive, All for you.
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