Sixth Recycling Marathon

Through activities such as recycling Marathon, Palace Resorts promotes environmental awareness culture and calls for its 8 thousand employees to participate in the Sixth Recycling Marathon (from april 1st to June 30th, 2011), leading to any chain hotels, all recyclable waste generated at home, thus avoiding the waste is sent to landfills or pollute ecosystems, parks and city streets. 

 As an incentive and reward for their participation, the 10 employees who assemble the bulk of materials is worthy of a prize, ranging from one night’s accommodation for two people, 2 day passes and electrical appliances.  The Winners of the Sixth Recycling Marathon will be announced after June 30th, 2011 when the Marathon Ends.

Recycling Marathon adds to more than 52 PALACE RESORTS environmental actions carried out in each of our properties in Mexico and abroad, some of which have been recognized by the Federal Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) Earthcheck, Golf Environmental Organization (GEO) and the Initiative for the Protection of the MAR (MARTI).

During the Fifth Recycling Marathon we collected over 40 tonnes of recyclable waste. We expect to exceed this quantity.

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