Green Meetings At Palace Resorts

Doing your meetings “Green” is easier than you think.  You can start by incorporating one element, measure it and the outcome will naturally make you go forward to the next element

Start by eliminating all the bottles on water- at the coffee breaks, meetings and meal functions; replace them with pitchers of water or water bubblers. Have glasses available or better yet, use a recycled aluminum bottle with your logo that they will use throughout the event and take home

At the end of the program your Palace Resort All Inclusive- All yours Property  will be able to tell you how many bottles of water your participants saved,  by doing this simple initiative. The contribution to the environment will definitely put a smile on your face

So next time you move forward to eliminate the note pads and pens, paper napkins, use only environmentally friendly center pieces, use trash recycling bins, participate on the water saving program (towels and linens) ……  soon you will be a gse (green sustainable events) expert!

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