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Fall Equinox, September 2011

Twice a year, the feather serpent god, known as Kukulcan makes his decent and shows himself for about 45 minutes down the side of the Chichen Itza Pyramid steps.

One of this days is the Equinox of Autumn, the archaeological sites where temples were built to mark the change of the seasons and perform fertility rituals are very crowded between the 21st and the 23th of September

Hitting the pyramid at the right angle, sunlight casts an undulating shadow on the side of a staircase each equinox. When the shadow aligns with a monumental stone head it seems as though the snake is descending right into it, there is a huge snake head at the bottom of the pyramid, and then there is Kukulkan.

Using the $1500 Resort Credit you can be part of this unique experience in Chichen Itza, for more information check out the tours at Palace Resorts website.

 Chichen Itza

The Riviera Maya: The perfect Choice to experience real fun!


The Riviera Maya, the perfect Choice to experience real fun!!! Featuring a wide variety of options suitable to all ages, interests and budgets, the Riviera Maya offers many holiday experiences in one destination, which has rapidly become one of Mexico’s as well as.

The Riviera Maya is located 11 miles South of Cancun International Airport and it extends to Tulum (the Walled City), one of the most important archaeological site in  the Mayan Culture.

A Family Vacation in the Riviera Maya, a place to learn and play!swiming
With its 125 miles of Caribbean Coastline, turquoise waters and warm sunshine, the Riviera Maya creates the perfect setting for families to play, relax and have fun all year-round.  For Nature and Culture lovers, you can find great eco-archaeological parks, offering unique activities to the area, such as magnificent underground rivers boasting stalactites and stalagmites (mineral formations ), swimming with dolphins, wander jungle-shrouded trails, an aquarium where the Ocean meets fresh water springs and as grand finale a first class Pre-Hispanic-Mexican Live Show.

Romance, Riviera Maya Style!romance
One of the most romantic corners in the world is the Riviera Maya! It boasts luxury hotels, private villas or sprawling honeymoon suites with private terraces, Jacuzzis and even their very own private pools. Some of the accommodation options are adults-only, geared exclusively to ensure that romantic moments remain undisturbed. Many of the spas offer couple’s massages and treatments in private suites and special honeymoon packages. Candlelit restaurants with soothing water views, a plethora of bars and clubs, some perched right on the sand, are the ingredients to make the perfect gateway retreat.

Dive in!!Dive in!
Home to the Mesoamerican Coral reef, the largest one in the Northern Hemisphere, the Riviera Maya is a Mecca for divers of all interest and skill levels. The area’s water teem with hundred of species of submarine life, among them eagle rays, barracudas, moray eels and puffers.

Divers around the world are attracted to the Riviera Maya’s hundred of miles of crystal water underground sink holes (Cenotes, from the Mayan language Dzonot), geological formations unique to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and naturally created 6500 years ago, as well as the rivers that feed them. The best cenotes and cave diving locations can be found all along the Riviera Maya coast only few minutes drive from the hotels.



The Ultimate Vacation and Resort Destination

Cancun is the ultimate vacation and resort destination whether your idea of a good time is surfing, kayaking, fishing and swimming or just laying in the tropical sun. On the lagoon side, there is an abundance of water sports equipment for rental for one day or an entire vacation. On the Caribbean side, enjoy great swimming, surfing and sunbathing.

For divers and snorkelers, Cancun is a paradise. The crystal-blue Caribbean waters hold an abundance of underwater wildlife, and most of the resorts have trainers who can show you which end of the fin to flap and how to handle the equipment.

Want to taste the Caribbean nightlife? Downtown Cancun is your hot spot, with numerous  world famous bars & nightclubs that drive the night to the beat of everything from salsa and cumbia to club mixes and world sounds. Whether you want a neon and strobe-lit dance club or a quiet cigar bar or romantic hideaway, Cancun’s nightlife options have you covered. One look at the beaches, water parks and abundance of other amusements and the kids will never want to leave, whatever their age.

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