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Nicklaus Academy of Golf at Palace Resorts

Who has visited Prestigious Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf. at Palace Resorts? If you are a professional this is your chance to improve your game, and for the beginners academies has designed programs for you

Opening academy of golf

Academies give guests the opportunity to improve their game regardless of their skills’ level, with physical and mental training with constructive evaluations to ensure maximum learning potential.
The Academy program incorporates the following:

  • The Nicklaus Academies Analysis Software
  • High-speed video for capturing the swing
  • A balance and weight shift mat
  • Integrated ball flight monitor
  • Simulated indoor driving range
  • Automated studio lighting system
  • Flat panel viewing monitors
  • TOMI computerized putting lab
  • Mental Evaluation and Training Program
  • Custom club and golf ball fitting protocols
  • Student video monitors
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Tequila: A gift from the gods

Production of tequila and agave. Dark green for tequila and light green for agave

 Production of tequila and agave.
  The name “Tequila” is derived from Nahuatl and means “place of tribute.” This delicious liquor takes his name of a little town named Santiago de Tequila, in Guadalajara Mexico The liquor is made from the blue agave plant native to this area and must be distilled and bottled in Santiago de Tequila and surrounding lands to be genuine, the liquor produced outside this area (but in Mexico) can’t be called tequila, so is named mezcal, but if its bottled or distilled outside of Mexico is just an imitation of tequila.
Now lets talk about the blue agave plant, common known as maguey. This plant grows in a period of seven to nine years! It’s produced by removing the heart of the plant during its twelfth year and normally weigthing between 35 – 90 kg (77 – 198 lb) So, we need to take care of our tequila bottles!

Blue Agave Plant

 Margaritas at Palace

Margarita at Palace Resorts

  When staying at Palace Resorts you can taste delicious premium brand tequilas, there’s a bottle of tequila in every room, and if your wish is to taste a typical mexican margarita, tequila sunrise or just a shot of tequila go to any bar and enjoy the taste of Mexico!

Fall Equinox, September 2011

Twice a year, the feather serpent god, known as Kukulcan makes his decent and shows himself for about 45 minutes down the side of the Chichen Itza Pyramid steps.

One of this days is the Equinox of Autumn, the archaeological sites where temples were built to mark the change of the seasons and perform fertility rituals are very crowded between the 21st and the 23th of September

Hitting the pyramid at the right angle, sunlight casts an undulating shadow on the side of a staircase each equinox. When the shadow aligns with a monumental stone head it seems as though the snake is descending right into it, there is a huge snake head at the bottom of the pyramid, and then there is Kukulkan.

Using the $1500 Resort Credit you can be part of this unique experience in Chichen Itza, for more information check out the tours at Palace Resorts website.

 Chichen Itza

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